Restored Rusty Relics Antique Auto Club

Photos of Restored Rusty Relics Cars

We are slowly updating. Here are some of the newer shots:

Jacques Senise’s  1996 Mercedes

dave czirr

Dave Czirr with his Packard (photo: Gene Yetter)

john harley

John Harley with his Packard (photo: Gene Yetter)

dave and valiant

David Zatz with his 1974 Plymouth Valiant—and the dash plaque featuring the same car

at bergenfield

Club president Peter Doll's Plymouth Barracuda, at a Bergenfield show

Dumont car show 2019

George Lewer’s Pierce-Arrow and Dave Czirr’s Packard

Barry with his '65

The back of a Packard, shot from a Plymouth

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