Restored Rusty Relics Antique Auto Club

2021 Riveredge Independence Day Parade

Eleven Relics showed up to this well-run parade; Helen Helwig was point, as usual.

Phil and Carolyn talking Bronco in front of Steven K’s Ranchero...


The lineup from left to right: George’s Pierce Arrow, Barry’s red Mustang, Henry’s green Mustang, John’s Packard straight-eight, Art’s Hupmobile, Phil and Carolyn’s Bronco.


Longer lineup: Art’s Huppmobile, Steven K’s Ranchero, Dave Z’s Valiant, Steve W’s Charger Daytona, and a fireman’s Corvette

Pete D’s Barracuda and one of Joe G’s Mustangs... through which we discovered that nobody had a set of jumper cables.


Shot from near the end of the parade, behind John’s Packard


Many thanks to Andrew Pardo and Steve Calandra for hosting the Pot-Luck after the parades, and to Gale Stephens for the arrangements! Sorry, no photos—simply forgot to take them.

Finally, here’s Barry a day afterwards, about to take on his role as chauffeur for congressman Josh... well, you can read!

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