Restored Rusty Relics Antique Auto Club

2021 Bergenfield Memorial Day Parade

Club leads on this parade were Helen Helwig, official parade leader; and Barry Doll and Tom Lang, who interfaced with the town to get important lineup details. The parade was very well run this year, but only nine Relics showed up. Three (Barry Doll, Pete Doll, and Steve White) chauffered the Grand Marshalls up front; while the rest of the Relics were positioned at #17, between the red-shirted Dominoes Club and a scout troop. Dave took a movie from his car, using a cheap GoPro knockoff, and discovered, among other things, that it should be mounted below the factory tint strip...

Photos by club photographer Gene Yetter, who made the trip from NYC to perform this duty, and jostled for place with other photographers during the parade. He chose the shots which appear here. (The one exception is the photo of Governor Murphy with Pete’s car; Pete Doll took that himself.)

Lining up: the Grand Marshall transports

Governor Murphy, posing for pics

The lineup. Yes, the biggest and smallest cars were next to each other. In rough arrival order, we saw Tom and Vicki Lang, Rob Calia, Phil and Carolyn Mazzo, Earl Evering, David Zatz, Steve Kott, and Paul Semmler.

The parade

The movie:

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