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2022 Rusty Relics Mini Car Show


Every year, the Restored Rusty Relics host a mini car show in which our members can actually win awards. This year’s event was held on June 26; turnout was not as good as expected, possibly due to the 90° heat—but it was cool enough in shade! Our president, David Zatz, continues the story:

In all honesty I was not expecting such fine cars to show up; I was hoping to give away all three "gag prizes" but if Andrew hadn't taken a random car during a work break, I wouldn't have had an option for "most rusty." We have some fine cars in this club! 

This is a rare car, simply named “Packard,” with power steering, brakes, and locks, and the final Packard straight-eight (replaced by a V8 the next year)

Here are the class winners (officers are not eligible) with their prizes:

  1. Most restored: Nancy and Mike Boettger's 1964 Corvair (RRR folio)
  2. Most rusty: Andrew Pardo's 1992 Geo Metro runabout (WD-40)
  3. Most relic (and least restored): Vinny Brescia's 1930 Model A (RRR bag) - a 65,000 mile car with original wood, in superb condition
  4. President's Choice: Gerry O'Keefe's 1954 Packard with power everything
  5. Most courageous: Steven Kott's 1967 Mustang with a custom rear and modded engine
  6. Most paraded: Rich and Helen's Chevrolet (Chevrolet shirt)
  7. Yellowist: Pete Doll's 1968 Cuda (Mopar shirt)
  8. Biggest "Small" Car: tie, George Lewer's 1931 Pierce Arrow and Dave Czirr's 1934 Packard (cleaning pad and Marvel Mystery Oil)

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